Introduction of Laser Precision Machining

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At present, our traditional manufacturing industry is facing deep transformation and upgrading, Laser Precision Machining is an important direction. 

With the increasing demand for high-precision machining, precision machining technologies have also developed rapidly, and laser technology has gained more and more recognition in the market.

The laser processing technology has three levels according to the material's size and processing accuracy:

- Medium and heavy plates material, large-sized part, the processing precision is generally in the millimeter or sub-millimeter level;

- Thin plates material, the processing accuracy is generally 10 micron level;

- Thickness less than 100um like various films, the processing accuracy is generally below 10 microns or even sub-micron.


Laser precision machining can be divided into four types of applications: 

-Precision cutting
-Precision welding
-Precision drilling 
-and surface treatment. 

Below is a list of their features:

Due to current technological and market environment, the application of laser cutting and welding is more popular, 3C electronics and new energy batteries will be the most widely used fields.


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